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I'll take that bet!

I'd rather bet a friendly beer, but might be impracticle. I'll bet $10 Romney wins. I think you guys are looking at the wrong stats. Polls don't matter because elections are rigged. Here are the stats that matter:

Goldman Sachs $994,139
Bank of America $921,839
Morgan Stanley $827,255
JPMorgan Chase & Co $792,147
Credit Suisse Group $618,941
Wells Fargo $598,379
Deloitte LLP $554,552
Kirkland & Ellis $496,722
Citigroup Inc $465,063
Barclays $428,250
PricewaterhouseCoopers $421,085

If there is one thing I've observed about Wall St, its that they know how to win in politics. If Wall St is betting Romney will win, then so am I.