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Comment: Reality Check: Perception

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Reality Check: Perception

Newt Gingrich couldn't even carry his home state of Georgia. Why is this important? The Republican Party is still split in the aftermath of GW Bush, no matter how much you want to gloss it over. The majority of the public are unwilling to trust another Republican president after Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the thought that voters are clueless and brainless, many voters are aware of the White House scandals under Barack Obama, including Fast & Furious, but rationalize them with the idea that the president may not have even known about them.

To top it off, Obama has the northeast corridor and the west coast cut off from Romney. It doesn't look like Romney will flip Florida and there is even a chance that Romney will lose Ohio, although cronies and a family relative have direct ties to the eVoting machines in those states. For Romney to win, he would have to sweep the south, and also win a northern state outside of Mass. He may not even win Massachussets given its Democratic leanings in the past. He has completely lost the woman vote with his "binders full of women" comment. He repeatedly takes credit for education and healthcare overhauls in Mass. that he did not initiate and were left for him by Ted Kennedy. His record there shows that his vetoes were overridden by the legislature numerous times, and as a governor, this is a sign of weakness and a complete inability to work across the aisle.

What you are going to see on election day is the entire east and west coast go completely blue and Romney will win the midwest/Bible belt. Its unsure how far Romney's strength even goes with Christian evangelicals due to his weird Mormon beliefs, which are out of touch with mainstream Christianity. Those who will want him to rule the government from a Christian bully pulpit will not find an answer in Romney.

Romney's biggest campaign enemy has been himself. He has constantly changed his story around, radically, indicating he has no core beliefs, and will say and or do anything to get elected. In this case, the President has actually shown that despite his increasingly liberal agenda, he actually is serious about the direction he wants to move the country in.

Do not expect any states on the east coast to flip to Romney at all after Sandy.

Remember that Romney has to win the entire south + an additional northern state outside Massachussets with enough electoral delegates to beat Obama, who has solid control above the Mason/Dixon line. If Obama wins even one southern state, he will have enough electoral votes to solidly win the election. There is no question that Romney will lose the election, no matter whose side you are on.

Romney has shown a sort of blind ambivalence about American foreign policy, even after debating Dr. Paul for an entire year on the subject. Looks like the GOP was hoping he could win Pennsylvania and some other eastern corridor states while also picking up the south. Statistically it doesn't look like there is any way for him to win, absent election rigging. There are still rumors circulating that the Bush dynasty did have machines rigged in New Mexico and Arizona and that when the Gore camp fund out he conceded to get out of politics.

Make no mistake that the entire thing is a mashup -- the attempt by Republican legislatures in several key battleground states, earlier in the election cycle, to pass voter suppression laws, was extremely disparaging. With Romney resorting to robo calls as far as Washington state, I don't think he stands a chance. Obama has a solid foreign policy card when it comes to protecting American interests by withdrawing forces, albeit slowly, while I think Paul Ryan buried them in the vice presidential debate by disputing the idea of a 2014 Afghanistan troop withdrawal, and by this demand for a status of forces agreement in Iraq.

This seems to indicate that the Romney camp would prefer that our troops remain with an occupation force in these countries, indefinitely, even going so far as to raise the ire of the Joint Chiefs with their weird comments.