Comment: Exactly how it works:

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Exactly how it works:

These "expert panels" are stacked by the corporate owners of the networks they are presented on.


A) They are funded and backed somewhere along the line by those interests (oligarchy) that are massively benefiting from the current status quo, and or

B) They were educated by those same interests, and do not have the intellectual flexibility and depth to understand how they were being duped, and therefore unwittingly back their own destruction

Either way / both -- this is WHY they are chosen to be on TV for the panel.

Opposing points of view (like Schiff) are only "allowed" to be on the panel to give some illusion of "fairness"

But the true purpose of "allowing" the minority view - is so that view can be outnumbered by the status quo representatives - and the entire segement is framed "discredit" the opposing minority in the minds of the uninformed viewer ...

... who - by virtue of the fact that they are watching an ideologically biased network in the first place - is statistically likely to be leaning toward the direction of the presented majority (3 vs 1) in the first place.

The risk they take with this approach:

That opposition - Schiff in this case - will be so clear in their arguments, and capable of simply and logically presenting their case in a compelling way to a reasonably intelligent, unbiased viewer ... that they will overwhelm the majority and bring them over to the minority view.

This is why these segments are carefully planned and stacked. They want to ride the fine line of appearing "fair" - while not running the risk that it will get out of control and work against them.

In this case (imo): they failed :) Schiff is getting too good at this.