Comment: If Gov't can create set-a-sides, subsidies, bailouts, regulation

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If Gov't can create set-a-sides, subsidies, bailouts, regulation

all begged-into-creation by individuals unionized over their brand-idolatry; then why would you ban others from doing the same thing?

MEANING -- If you cannot stop one group from getting gov't kick-backs / benefits / regulations / price-setting then why stop those who want gov't to "enforce" GMO-Free labeling?

As long as people vote and lobby you will always need gov't-backed course corrections -- "Oooops, gov't subsidized and granted business identification to Monsanto (allowed them to be publically traded, asset protection, receive grants etc etc) now we have GMO's" Now we need course correction so Gov't can balance the favor"

The role of gov't is to balance-favor toward the deepest lobbying pockets.

There is no barriers to lobbying -- any group can form and gain stolen-market-share by this means. There are plenty of examples where a poorer class has overcome the wealthy class by getting enough FERNS together to grease the wheels.

If you want a free-society you must eliminate ALL FORMS of wheel greasing (voting and lobbying) -- that's how you obtain equality and rule by consumer-choice (there's more poor consumers then wealthy so it because a downward-up serving society rather than an upward-down serving society).