Comment: Nature creates Natural Monopolies

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Nature creates Natural Monopolies

We call it Bad Weather.

However -- If the businesses who take advantage of "natural disasters" ever ONCE took advantage of Gov't Intervention (bailouts, subsidization, tax-breaks, price-setting, etc) in the past then they SHOULD NOT be allowed to take advantage when people are the weakest -- BECAUSE the "advantage" they took previously was carried on the back of the people (meaning they received their "price gouging" benefit in the past and CANNOT be allowed to DOUBLE DIP).

Price Gouging during a "natural disaster" preceded by American-Style Corporatism must not be allowed -- if businesses "benefit" from non-free-market advantages / guarantees / intervention they CANNOT benefit during times of national emergency.

If a natural disaster is preceded by a free-market, then there would be no gov't to go to to rectify the advantages -- those businesses who do take advantage WILL BE REMEMBERED and those who do not will win future favor.