Comment: Opposing labeling is not really a Libertarian issue

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Opposing labeling is not really a Libertarian issue

For those of you who oppose 37

Imagine the FDA holds a gun to your head, and before they pull the trigger, California introduces a measure where you can actually vote whether or not to use blanks (instead of real bullets.)

You vote no on the blanks, citing Libertarianism and that you don't want to empower anyone to use a gun. But the non-aggressional principal does not come into play, here. You are failing to acknowledge FDA is already in a position of power to kill you, whether you vote yes, no, or stay home. If the "blanks" measure doesn't pass, you and your neighbors are shot, anyway. Might as well vote for blanks while you are in the ballot booth.

Voting no on 37 does nothing to dispose of the FDA and progress Libertarianism. Furthermore, if you want to help eliminate the FDA, then interferring with those who vote yes does not achieve that either.

Personally, I'll take the gun with the blanks in them. And if eliminating the FDA is ever a ballot measure then I'm voting yes on that, also.