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"(Monsanto owns the GMO crops regardless of whose property inherits the
drifting seeds; thus infringing on private property)"

Most people seem to not be able to get this idea and they live in a fantasy world where they will be able to make some choices. Without ability to sue these bastards for what is basically a direct violation of private property there will be no free-market choices left as this thing spreads on its own, and will slowly push other producers out, to the point that there will be none left. And not due to their acceptance by market or because they have better product. It will be due to the fact that their patent is a self-propagating living thing that infects other manufacturer's property whether they like it or not. Then they can either fall in line or be sued for patent infringement.

As for the labels - mandatory labels are not needed per se, all that's needed is a straightforward way to sue them for fraud (either manufacturer, seller, or both, doesn't matter) if they try to pass this thing as "regular food". They'd start labeling them themselves very quickly after a few lawsuits.

You can't have free market in which there are no legal protections against fraud and in which corporations can violate private property without consequences.