Comment: i love ron paul

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i love ron paul

he has changed my life, my views,,, and with that my future probably as well

but,,,, ron paul's age in 2016 will automatically disqualify him as a candidate,,,,, there were questions of that in 08,, even more this time,,,2016 it will go into hyperdrive

and even i started to get a bit worried with the hand shaking at debates and constatntly wiping of the nose
i saw this in my own grandfather and was near where things got worse not better,,,things progressively went down hill
i would certainly be on board and do my best,,,, but as a realist,,, the media and the larger public will disqualify him and eat him alive for his age,,, and then because he does his own "doctoring" his medical history is non existent

besdies don't we consider him and carol have done there part and it's time for them to quietly enjoy the golden years in a quiet ,peaceful retirement

to me it's time for all those he inspired to take over, get involved and move locally and into larger roles as time progresses