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The baby is YOU?

So women are babies? I don't understand this argument at all.
If 'woman' = 'baby'
then 'baby' has to = 'woman'
Otherwise your logic collapses

I mean, you can say that you want rights to be dictated by something other than when they become distinct beings and that would make sense, but to say that they are the same being doesn't make any sense at all.
A fetus or a baby, is clearly not the mother that birthed that fetus or baby. Even if you want to treat the fetus like an object, the equivalent of an organ or something, then you still have to consider that this object is capable of living on its own after a certain point, outside of the woman's body, without any aid from her whatsoever.

And if it's not distinct from the mother, how can you possibly charge with double homicide a person who murders a pregnant woman?