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I know, we all were shown repeatedly those images of planes

striking the buildings. I, too, was convinced that planes struck the WTC. Yet, this was because of constant bombardment with the images, a kind of brain-washing.

A careful scrutiny of those images, such as reviewing video analysis, like September Clues and others, shows that we were had.

There was no plane in Shanksville, none in the Pentagon. These were absolute lies. Then, why is it such a stretch that the plane crashes into the buildings is a fabrication?

Furthermore, the illusion is in our minds, since these were pre-fabricated films, "cartoons", made in photoshop. Click on your mouse ever-so-slowly: you will see parts of the 'planes' disappearing before 'entering' the buildings.

John Lear of LearJet fame says no planes. For an analysis of the need for wreckage in a plane crash or the issue of "srewn wreckage," see

Regardless, both the Port Authority and the Shanksville Mine Pit are Rockefeller assets. David Handschuh, under Tower Two when it exploded, shot pictures of that explosion, showing matter blasting outward only. He said there were no planes.