Comment: Peter Schiff's likability problem

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Peter Schiff's likability problem

Let me preface this by saying I rooted for Schiff in his Senate bid, and I like his politics. And, honestly, I can imagine him being a pleasant, funny guy in interpersonal situations.

But he is NOT LIKABLE. His style in these situations rubs people the wrong way and turns off voters. Want to know why Peter wasn't the GOP Senate nominee in 2010? Watch this video, and how often 15 seconds go by without Peter chirping in and interrupting someone.

I hope Peter reads this. I want him to succeed. But he has to realize that image matters in politics. If you're one of FIVE people in a discussion, you can't interrupt all the time. Occasional interruptions are fine, but not every interjection that pops up in your head should come out of your mouth.

Peter: you need to reduce interruptions by 75%, at minimum. Store up all those comments you'd like to make until you get your chance to talk, and list some of them. Or, say "there are a lot of things you said there that I disagree with, but here are the two most important ones for this discussion."