Comment: At least with an Obama win, I know what to expect, and

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At least with an Obama win, I know what to expect, and

only four more years of it. (Not that I will be bothering to vote this round for either)

Romney is a republican. And Republicans are responsible for 90% of all of the insane paranoid police state surveillance laws in effect.

With Romney and his ties to big money, being a republican, every hair brained paranoid security scheme these republican warmonger boneheads on the hill think up will get signed. At least Obama working against republicans may not sign some of this crap out of partisanship stalemates.

I think Romney is probably more dangerous to liberty than Obama. If not - he is at the least, very much the same.

I probably wont even vote anyway. I believe Obama will take it regardless.

I'd rather take my chances with only a guaranteed four more of Obama, than a potential eight years of Mitt - a pathological bullshltter interested in only what is good for Mitt and friends, who supported the bailouts for all of the same Wall Street corporations that coincidentally happen to be all of his top donors.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where Romney's loyalty really stands.