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which laws

could the president sign that the sheriffs enforce?
if the fed gov cannot sign into laws thatgo against
the will of the people(as they work for us) then what exactly
would them sheriffs enforce?
if the sheriffs are hired and fired and paid by the people
how then can they violate their oaths of office
enforcing statutes,ordinances and codes,which violate the
constitution?,(their oath of office)
the sheriffs dpt in our county has been rolled into the
the citiy,so they are now paid out of a fund from a corporation
therefor not so much answerable to the people
so this would be a conflict of interest for the people,and goes against their oaths
things are not what they seem,and not so easily corrected
not with a vote for another sheriff anyways,the sheriffs need to be
under the people and do their will,they do not do this as they work for a corporation and their rule and color of law,this fact violates their sworn elegance to the const.
this const that they violate is a set of rules to keep the gov's
in check,not the other way around
codes,statutes and ordinances,are based in the color of law,these
appear to be laws but they are not,these are for the inner workings
of said corp,and yet they use these against us,and all to generate
more funds for the corp as they are for profit,this is what the sheriffs dpt is into,they have become a revenue generator for the
the corp

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