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Comment: I have a cousin in Libby.

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I have a cousin in Libby.

I have a cousin in Libby. They own a Les Schwab's Tire Shop there. My mom's family is from northern Idaho. at a mountain lake my cousin packs a gun to take us case of the bears. The water in the lake is so clear we could see the cut throat trout chase or line. We had to hide behind boulders to fish so we didn't scare many happy memories of my northern family...picking huckleberries too...ymmm and thimble berries too...never did see a bear though, just the tree markings....My maiden name is Boseman as in Bozeman, but my great great grandmother changed the spelling. Glad to know you are in Montana. Chuck Baldwin is there too. He was on my was to finding Dr. Paul, Well I am glad you are MT so I could tell you everything you ever wanted to know and then some. Nosey aren't I.