Comment: The Libertarian Party website discusses this,

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The Libertarian Party website discusses this,

and agrees that there is no clear libertarian "yes" or "no" argument, so you are in good company being undecided about this issue.

Would require parental notification before a minor has an abortion. Libertarians may differ on rights of minors versus rights of parents in this case.

I would personally vote "yes" ... My rationale is that it is a safeguard to protect a child. I would not want a "transaction" between a doctor and my 15-year-old child going on behind my back. I could think of some even better examples, e.g., think about tattoos. I would certainly want anybody selling a tattoo to my teenager to be required to tell me as well ... IMO, it's not so much a matter of minor's rights vs. parents rights, but I would not want a person running a business to take advantage of my child by trying to sell them something that they may regret later. Same thing with drugs. I am fine with drugs being legal, but people making a profit by selling these things should not be taking advantage of naive minors.