Comment: Vote Your Conscience

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Vote Your Conscience

I'll explain why I voted for Gary Johnson despite sharp disagreement on some issues, especially social ones, e.g. his approval of gay marriage at the federal level and abortion. Most importantly, Gary Johnson will NOT be elected so implementation of his controversial social issues will NOT occur either. If GJ receives 5% of the vote, the Libertarian party will receive considerable funds for 2016 and promotion as competition for the two major parties. This EXTERNAL threat from the Libertarian party should both help weaken the two major political parties in 2016 and assist in the takeover of major factions within the Republican party especially if Romney loses in 2012. Although promotion of these controversial issues will occur as well, my main concern is forcing changes within the Republican party so strict constitutionalists can eventually assume control of the leadership at both state and national levels. In fact, I almost decided to vote for Goode in 2012 due to GJ's insistence on promoting his controversial social issues, but such a vote for Goode would accomplish absolutely nothing.