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Of course

"And now would it be correct to say that American Capitalism is being turned into Fascism but is still being called capitalism as if capitalism is a bad thing. So…50 years from now Capitalism will be a bad word like Socialism and the true workings of those tools will be lost in a memory hole as everyone knee jerks to the word Capitalism?"

If you had been born in Venezuela instead of within the clutches of The Dollar Hegemony U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) Branch (the people not the thing), then you would jerk your knee at the mere mention of the word Capitalism?

"I do not understand why if Socialism is tool, scientific study of society, it has any morality involved with it. To me it is amoral."

Here may be another key. The concept if science is based upon sound moral principle, whereby the idea is to perceive competitively and choose the more accurate instead of the less accurate perception, having the idea that the more accurate perception is more useful, better, good, productive; however the user may equate the concept of good with the concept of crime, meaning that the user of the good thing, the tool, intends to reach the goal of "something for nothing".

The invention, the tool, as it turns out, is similar to conscience, or morality, but as you say, being just a tool, it is merely a THING, so it, itself, cannot be moral, amoral, or even immoral, it is a thing, like the sun, or a thing like perception, and that, to me, is where science points toward spirituality as the missing element required when the goal is precisely as earlier stated, whereby the goal is to perceive better, more accurately, rather than to perceive worse, less accurately.

God, or the power of creation, whatever works for whomever needs to know, feeling the need to know better, creates morality in various forms, God does that, this way or that way, even if we can't see it, ever, so...we may be able to measure, or not measure this moratilyt stuff very well, such as measuring the way human conscience works in physical terms as measuring devices look at brain activity, or statistical analysis of human behavior over time, or whatever some individual, anywhere, anytime, can dream up, but all that human activity, no matter how yous slice it, requires the human, built by this power of creation, to do anything, in anyway imaginable.

Survivors figure out how to survive, and that, as it turns out, is good, and those who don't, don't, and that turns out to be bad, in the long term, as a function of life defining itself or failing to define itself one way or the other.

Again, there is this Darwin stuff, the genuine article, pointing ever so well toward a spiritual power, while there is almost immediately, seemingly out of the darkness, a counterfeit version of it.

Darwin, or evolution, can be summed up as that which can survive better does survive better; while the counterfeit version, as if you didn't already know, is that which lies better, get's something for nothing, and that which threatens better, get's something for nothing, and that which tortures or murders better, get's something for nothing and all that is false, all that Might makes Right Falsehood is demonstrably false, as each individual who resorts to that mode of behavior ends up destroying life, on purpose, for their own profit, at the expense of everyone else, and then, if that is what happen long enough, without remedy, the second to last criminal eats the other, leaving one, and as you know, one is not enough to tango.

“Our government is God's law, according to you”

Our government is not God’s law according to me.

I am going to stop here, and work on that exchange right there, before I do anything else along the lines of our discussion.

There in those lines is, if my part of the discussion means anything, is a very good example of miss-communication.

It seems to me to be a good idea to stake out those areas where miss-communication occurs.