Comment: I'm Writing in Ron Paul Tomorrow

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I'm Writing in Ron Paul Tomorrow

I've been doing some musing lately over this whole matter of voting and I've come to the conclusion that we've made it way too complicated. So much discussion about voting revolves around scenarios such as, "If I vote for A, that will take a vote away from B and help C get elected, so I better hold my nose and vote for B" or something similar. Other debates center around "wasting" your vote.

What I've finally concluded is this (and it's probably so simple, I should have figured it out years ago): Voting is my opportunity to tell my fellow citizens whom I want for president (or dogcatcher or whatever). And tomorrow, that's just what I'm going to do.

Am I "wasting" my vote? Well, if voting is all about picking a winner, then nearly half the American electorate will "waste" their votes tomorrow by voting for all the losers. Of course, many of you will say that every vote is wasted, and I certainly respect that. But for me, at least for one more election, I'm going to "invest" my vote in Ron Paul and maybe a handful of other candidates that I think are worthy of it.

That being said, and with the full realization that many of our Ron Paul Revolutionaries will simply sit this one out, I am going to be interested in seeing the cumulative total of (1)write-in votes for Ron Paul, (2)votes for Gary Johnson, (3)votes for Virgil Goode, and depending on the state and who is on the ballot, (4)votes for certain other candidates for president. This should give us a rough idea of the minimum Ron Paul/liberty activist presence in tomorrow's election.