Comment: I am apposed to the current federal law,

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I am apposed to the current federal law,

forced in by Monsanto, which prohibits the labeling on NON-GMO foods. I would pay double for those products but I can't because it is currently illegal to label your food NON-GMO.

The mere fact that I would pay double for it is exactly why it is illegal and NOT economic. If they charged double for NON-GMO it would send out the message that these GMO foods are either not safe or possibly not safe. It would eventually force NON-GMO pushers to PROPERLY TEST THEIR CRAP OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Monopolizing the market by forcing a ban on labeling is the opposite of a free market.

I am not sure how Ron Paul or anyone else gets this issue so confused. Has anyone here seen a label in the last 20 years that says 'NON-GMO'? Have they ever? They don't exist. They're illegal. And the American people look horribly obese and sick.