Comment: Remember the next phase - post Romney

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Remember the next phase - post Romney

Keep up with the Republican Party. A Romney loss will mean his people will leave the party sooner than under a President Romney. Ron Paul has a very good influence in Iowa and New Hampshire. I think it will be Rand in 2016 if Mitt loses. If Mitt wins, we're screwed for a while. We need another Republican primary sooner than later.

I know some of you don't like Rand Paul. The only thing I have to say to you is: watch what he does, not as he says. This goes for all politicians. I know he voted for sanctions on Iran, but I think he learned his lesson. He was the lone vote against a more recent resolution on Iran.

The system to get back our civil liberties, prosperity, and peace has been designed to be extremely difficult. The quickest way is through the system itself. We cannot throw away what Ron Paul has dedicated decades of his life.

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