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Pay for it?

Dude, I don't know if you understand the cost of our criminal justice system, but I can assure you...cremation is quite a bit cheaper.

Protect the children? Oh God...haven't we had enough of "protecting the children" yet? If you never taken courses on child psychology...or grown up in a fully dysfunctional family, you'd not know that "protecting the children" is a complete impossibility unless it is YOU that wants to take feral children in and somehow pray your way to reversals of severe cases of Reactive Attachment Disorder...or one of a plethora of other "disorders" that stem from such environments. At some point you either have to plug up the bleeding heart crap in the face of reality...or step up to the plate and put your time, home and heart where your rhetoric is...otherwise...can it. No current program...after a life-time of effort has been able to "help the children"...not yet...not ever. And legalization in no way equals "increase of occurrence".

If a child has grown to cognizance in an addict riddled household or family, their environment is almost always decided by inter-generational dysfunction handed down through families via the procreation process and any such child's viability is severely under question and one in which the odds are stacked against them EVER reaching a level of productivity that would have them here debating with you about monetary policy...or Liberty or..."helping the children".

Will some "make it"? Sure...some of us do...despite the influence of our parents. But our fight for viability is life-long...or by my least 55 years now....and no state funded/directed "program" ensures anything but more abuse at the hands of others who place themselves into positions within such systems to take advantage of the easy pickens.

Again, cull the herd and lessen the growth of the dysfunction and stop buying into the fantasy thinking that State run "programs for the children" will ever be anything but gloried warehousing of mostly future criminality.

Sorry for the painfully blunt guess I'm not.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?