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Comment: Yes, there's a label in my freezer that says NON-GMO

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Yes, there's a label in my freezer that says NON-GMO

On my Seapoint Farms edamame (soybeans). They are not part of the Non-GMO project, so they don't have their label, they have their own symbol, with a picture of a plant and it says "NON-GMO" below it.

That said, according to, such a label is not legally defensible because they can't guarantee that their product has not been contaminated by GMOs. They also say that only Non-GMO Project Verified products have actually been tested for GMOs. Incidentally, I just checked the label again -- Product of China. Since Monsanto does or has in the past grown soybeans in China, they very well could be contaminated.

In any case, the labels do exist. I look for them when I grocery shop, and assume if it's not there on any product that contains corn, canola, cottonseed, soy and a few others, that the product contains GMOs.

RonPaulSwede said it very well -- as a libertarian I oppose mandatory labeling, and as a capitalist I will only support those who label (sorry if I mangled your quote, but I think that was the gist of it).