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...are you just being obtuse now? Do I really have to go into a dissertation on the current and long standing roll the governments of the world have instituted for the disposal of indigents?

The idiots who want to take the drugs would ...of the ones who pay for severely reduced prices.

My friend..this is Earth that you are currently taking up space upon and it isn't a pretty place. Parental neglect and abuse happens...way too often. And the rights of those neglected and abused would hardly be impacted under a regime of tolerance...something I'm sure you are painfully aware of. The planet of Polyanna is light years away.

The paradigm of abuse exists...plain and varying degrees of evil and effectiveness. This will NEVER change. There are plenty of laws on the books regarding the proper care and feeding of a child and the "criminal justice system" has never been adequate (nor will it ever be) to reverse this "Law of Humanity"...but I suppose we'll continue to try.

The only thing that will lessen the number of occurrences is the reduction of those who would perpetrate such evil...before they can procreate and pass on their inter-generational and familial-established parenting skills.

Cookies crumble.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?