Comment: Oh No, They Di-int

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Oh No, They Di-int

Just learned tonight from my 5th grade daughter (her first year ever in public school) that she has received this very directive from her school, with Mr. O and Mr. R the only options allowed for tomorrow's in-school vote. The teacher "taught" (not opined) that to vote for anyone who's not one of the two major candidates is to just throw your vote away.

My little girl--who, in first grade, waved RP signs with me and tromped through the community telling folks about the good doctor, was in frantic TEARS tonight, because she "had to" pick one of the two "main" contenders in tomorrow's school vote. Yes, steam was coming out of my ears.

I was already planning to have a little chat with her principal tomorrow on this topic, when I discovered this DP thread. Wow. I didn't realize just how widespread of an issue this is. And yet...not shocked to hear it. Not shocked in the least, sadly.

Preparing to (respectfully) school the edumacators tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to bring a photocopy of an actual California ballot along with us for her to use. Think I'd better run a few laps around the neighborhood first to blow off excess steam beforehand. Because, right now? GRRRRRRAURRRGGGHHH!!!