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There's no wild speculation.

There's no wild speculation. All governments try to enlarge their scope and power. It's in the nature of things. The people within government who do these things are not James Bond movie super villains -- they are all too ordinary people who honestly believe they are doing the right thing. They really believe we'll be better off under their benevolent control. After all, people don't usually run for a government office unless they're control freaks. (Ron Paul is the exception that proves the rule -- note that in the past 30 years our federal government has had just one Ron Paul.)

Already Americans have to go through electronic strip searches to get on an airplane. Hell, even the Nazis didn't do that. Preppers get put on the "no fly" list. The NSA spies on all your email and internet traffic, violating the 4th Amendment on an industrial scale. And when the government has control over food distribution it can and will use that as a weapon against its "enemies" during times of crisis, just as North Korea has done. If you voted for Ron Paul, you're one of those "enemies".