Comment: Green Libertarianism and freedom

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Green Libertarianism and freedom

The idea that the libertarian party and 'movement' should not have a green agenda is foolish. In moving toward a freed market we can transition out of the situation we have today by deregulating the economy (easing many zoning laws and housing codes) and allowing unemployed poor people to use their benefits to transform unused government lands as long as these people used the freed resources in a sustainable manner. This would transition the whole nation toward a green future and make for the production of small company jobs in permaculture and low impact homes (these homes are cheaper to make) using local resources. Ron Paul in his transition to a libertarian society did not want to cut benefits to the poor and unemployed until after the foreign and monetary policies are changed. So too, a transition to a libertarian society should focus on a program that would move to a green society. A green society I argue is more productive and spiritually humane offering more freedom. All government regulations and infrastructure support which hurt small farmers should be reduced or eliminated. Local production of food helps the environment by reducing trucking and supports small farmers who would be encouraged to compete with big companies like Monsanto. The government building the national infrastructure subsidizes big agro Monsanto directly. Their seed is allowed to trespass on the grounds of small farmers who should not be held responsible for the contamination. The anti-libertarian court decisions which make this possible should be condemned. Of course having a garden all around your house, producing raw milk as long as it is certified through testing, having a lemonade stand and local management of the forests should be part of the libertarian program.
Another libertarian idea should be taking the money back that has been given to the corporations in the bailout. Allowing for competition in currencies is a great idea that GJ did mention.
I wonder if anyone else agrees? Green jobs are not make work jobs! They are more labor intensive however permaculture farming makes us more productive.
Another area that Gary got it right was regulating speech on the internet. Freedom of speech means freedom to speak.
Jill and Gary are wrong on GMO labeling. We can assume if it does not say non GMO it is genetically modified. Forced speech is not libertarian. If you have a product which the consumer wants then generally you let them know how the product meets their demand. We do not need government to force labeling. This is adding unnecessary regulation which is anti freedom.
Since our government is one of ever increasing Corporatism it is not unfair to address the and redress the losers due to this ever expanding partnership. It makes for the libertarians to transition away from this top down society which hurt the poor and middle class.
The green party because of the lack of libertarian involvement has given us this crde program. With some refinements and ideology Jill would be on the right path.
One last important point. Real deregulation means the Bureaucrats/technocrats are not in charge of the green houses businesses and farms.