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What a Kind Note of Gratitude to the DP Owner

posted by a True Friend OF and IN Liberty who has spent countless hours walking this bear thru the minefield surrounding Liberty. Thank you Joe, for your dedicated help with my repeated and often re-repeated inquiries concerning history, society, economics and politics so that a Mindset of Liberty might take hold after all these years of not even knowing there was such a thing that existed.

Thank you for helping me thru my awakening as I was both horrified and literally frightened when I stumbled upon the Daily Paul as I realized what kind of trouble we are in here in our Land from Sea to Shining Sea. I had no one close by who could yet understand, and it is a lonely place to be when you wake up and everyone else is still asleep. I am thankful for you and I do believe you to be a Godsend. I appreciate your patience as you allow me to share my questions, ideas, conclusions, as well as my faith with you here on this forum.

Thank you for being well read and able to pull from so many sources. Thank you for helping me to understand there is a Power Struggle and to begin to learn to identify true versions of things as opposed to the counterfeit versions. That competition and abundance are necessary in the face of monopoly and scarcity. Thank you for helping me to see that “things” don’t do things, but that it is people who do things and some of those people are Legal Criminals who have written laws to make their Crime Legal. Thank you for helping me to understand voluntary associations as opposed to Might Makes Right, and to finally begin to understand the significance of Josiah Warren’s work, “Equitable Commerce.” Thank you for helping me to learn to ask “Cui bono?”

Boy, am I ever glad you did your homework so I could learn to do mine! Thank you for being ready and able to defend Liberty, for running for office, working with many different groups and sharing those experiences with me. Thank you for your Liberty Day Challenge whereby if enough people will wake up tomorrow morning we can be prepared with local currencies and ideas so that we might quit paying for our own demise:

Thank you for helping me to see that Liberty boils down to

1) Ending the Fed
2) Ending the IRS
3) Ending the Wars both Foreign and Domestic and Bringing
the Troops Home

so that we might quit paying for our own demise.

And Michael Nystrom, I realize this is your thank you post, so I say thank you for a place in your living room not limited to sound bites, but a place where true discussion can take place, and a place to say thank you for those things. I think my sanity somewhat depended on it, and I am grateful that the Daily Paul and Josf were both here for me as were countless other Friends in Liberty.

If it sounds like I am gushing, I suppose I am. It has been difficult for me to put into words the magnitude of what has been freely given me and I am sure I have left something out. I fear that it sounds trite, but it is, from the bottom of my heart that I say, “Thank you.”

My favorite Joe Kelley quote: "I think there is a serious error in failing to know that the current government is counterfeit, or crime made legal, and therefore the concept of defense against crime is falsely viewed as being morally wrong, as morality and legality are confused by that bait and switch routine."

Joe’s Law: Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.