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Listen to his radio show.

Here is the link. He is usually very polite.

However, this is as close to respectful as it gets with these trash economists. This was a confrontational interview from the beginning. Try being on your best behavior in a situation like that. Outnumbering someone 4 against 1 is called bullying and was not fair at the outset. They attempted to stack the deck against Schiff. They got what they deserved and as respectfully as possible by Schiff. These are the same type of people who laughed at what Schiff had to say in 2006-2007. They treat Schiff like they treat Ron Paul, badly.

Schiff also has to deal with the corrupt system that has incarcerated his 84 year old father who was just sent to Texas, even further away from his home in Connecticut. Schiff has a lot on his plate, and I believe he deals with it all very well.