Comment: FYI: Webster Tarpley is an idiot...

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FYI: Webster Tarpley is an idiot...

...and his views are extremely hostile to libertarianism and everything Ron Paul represents. He preaches the "American system," aka the system devised by Alexander Hamilton, which is a policy of inflation, central banking, industrial subsidies, protectionist tariffs, etc. Another name for this is mercantilism. Yet another, more modern, name is corporatism or fascism. He's not a friend. And, as I say, he's not even a competent enemy. Mo-ron.

Same goes for the rest of the LaRouche people. Lyndon LaRouche himself is nothing but a charismatic megalomaniac with a shallow intellect who's attracted a bunch of naive idiots around himself. If I recall correctly, he's also been indicted or convicted of fraud on several occasions.

Read his Wikipedia page, it's rather instructive I believe:

Words like: snake-oil salesman, conman, flim-flam, crackpot...come to mind. Unsavory characters likes this are hovering all over the Liberty Movement, you need to be discerning. Don't go by some guy on youtube, read books, educate yourself, arm yourself against this bunk.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."