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The point really is forced speech is not libertarian. No speech is
really speech!! As Rothbard/Mises similarly say the lack of Action is Action! So the lack of claim NGMO means it is probably from GMO.

Only when the lack of a warning would put someone in clear and present danger should a warning be labelled or be posted. Even then government is not really required. Most manufacturers learn through market practice that without warnings they can be sued. These kinds of warnings or laws arise naturally and are part of common law.

One important technical salient teaching point remains. The definition or description of NGMO must contain a disclaimer like <5% GM otherwise the claimer can be sued for a small percentage of product that are GM due to Monsanto seed. Definitions always create law on the market. All ownership requires a description (as in a receipt or title) or definition to create clarity of ownership. These deeds or receipts can be used as currency and usually held in a vault in safety. These held assets can have a detailed descriptions of the owned property so if stolen or if said property is damaged or stolen they can be used by the owner to sue for loss.