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Comment: You are conflating...

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You are conflating...

"society" with "anarchy".

society - The union of a number of rational beings; or a number of persons united, either for a temporary or permanent purpose. Thus the inhabitants of a state or of a city constitute a society, having common interests; and hence it is called a community.

Anarchy has ZERO power over organic local society. None at all. Except for isolated short-term instances, local communities(organic society) will always implement monopoly sewers, police, judges, etc..

Anarchy is some utopian mythical society of 100% strong-willed independent persons which will never exist. Seventy percent of people are either wholly incapable or wholly unwilling to lead ANYTHING and most of them demand a structure of leadership within which to operate.

The granny that can feed an army and makes excellent blankets but is reduced to trembling and tears at the prospect of leading anything or anybody, that granny is SUPER IMPORTANT to society. The same for many of the most brilliant scientists, innovators and artists. I've known scientists who can't find their car to go home at the end of the day or even merely drive. They can't even lead themselves. But they are super important and need protections other than a profit-making concern.

Every single one of us is born into the non-anarchy of family. The family is a hierarchical power structure and the opposite of anarchy.

Anarchy is a utopian myth that is antithetical to the observable social nature of humankind and is in opposition to all known historical precedence of man's behavior in society.

Anarchy is just another version of the spaghetti monster... :)

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