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From across the Atlantic..

Hi there, Richard here from Amsterdam, Holland.

Election Day. The one party state on parade, the show is on for "them, the sheeple," still willing to participate in this thuggish charade called "democracy". That's a pity.
I hope for two things to happen:

1) More people than ever excercising their right not to vote, i.e. to withdraw consent. I hope some use their unwasted time to do something constructive and worthwhile, like fixing a bike, tell a good joke, or just exchange some random talk with their neighbor.

2) An Obama win. Not because he's any less evil than Romney, but because the inevitable economic collapse would be less easy to blame on "capitalism" (in the genuine, near-forgotten free market sense of the term). Of course the Austrian-savy DP's already know that Romney is as much a capitalist as was Benzino Gassolini, but the lamestream media lackeys of the State will no doubt push that narrative like mad.

I'm looking for some catchy rephrasing of "Election Day", to express the way to go, to "opt out", so to speak. Something like "Defection Day" comes to mind.. Any further suggestions would be welcome ;-)

Anyway, as always,
Kind regs from / Amsterdam (clip) /, Holland,