Comment: make sure you have the correct thyroid problem

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make sure you have the correct thyroid problem

Bugleweed is the herb I mentioned, here is some info:

If her thyroid has been removed and she is now taking thyroid replacement, this is the WRONG way to go. This is for HYPERthyroidism, or "Grave's disease." (My husband was diagnosed with that, we got the bugleweed in case he relapses.) Once they take the thyroid out, they must treat for HYPOthyroidism. (Many women suffer this anyway, that is what I was diagnosed with.) For low thyroid, the OTC answer is pig or beef thyroid pills (dessicated thyroid, available at health food stores)- I keep it on hand for when I get really run down.
However, both of us got off daily medication and remain stable by getting as much chemical poison out of our diet as possible.
Good luck to you and your mom!

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