Comment: We tried..we really really tried...

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We tried..we really really tried...

To find a big name neutral moderator, and it would have happened if we had held this debate in NYC or LA, but it was just about impossible to get anyone to fly into DC on such short notice with the date change due to the hurricane...and so it ended up being Thom Hartmann who lives here....lessons learned for 2016!

The good things that came out of Hartmann being the moderator? We were able to get Christina on his radio show yesterday afternoon and so a few million more people knew about the debate, and at least the guy is willing to talk about the importance of 3rd parties on the largest liberal talk radio show in the country....and it looks good for her to be back on his show in the future.... and on some of the big issues, the Fed, war, civil liberties, we do have common ground and I see us working together as a start to making Gerald Celente's prediction of a libertarian/progressive alliance a reality ....we do need allies where we can find them if we're going to beat this Demoplican beast.... I'd also add that he's down to earth and doesn't blow you off if you're not in his circle like other media personalities I've met....he's genuinely a nice guy is the impression I got..

But yes, we'll definitely hold our debates in NYC and LA in 2016!

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