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Comment: I am saying Gary Johnson is presenting a S T R A W M A N

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I am saying Gary Johnson is presenting a S T R A W M A N

He is saying that people only paid in $30 and are getting $100 out. Yes, he is saying it is a cost drain.

I am saying it is a cost drain because it is an unsustainble program whereby the Federal Government has stolen $30 of the peoples money which is now worth $750 in silver dimes. If the people had kept their $30 worth of silver dimes...those 300 dimes, they would now have $750 or in current dimes 7500 dimes.

What I am saying is that the people didn't pay in $30 and are getting $100 out. The people paid in $750 and are ONLY getting $100 out because the Federal Government S T O L E the peoples money.

Gary Johnson is presenting a strawman, and whether he knows it or not, I cannot say. It is fine to vote for Gary Johnson, but do so understanding the truth of what The Federal Government (people in that government system) has done and not what the people have failed to do in their own support. The people are only culpable because they either trusted the Federal Government with their silver dimes as well as their "social security and medical welfare," or were coerced to do so. And for that the people should be ashamed, but not for the amount they have paid into the system.

The answer to this strawman may very well be separating the young from the old as men have been separated from women, races from each other, as well as moral issue division. It may very well be the beginning of a new division tactic. If that is the case, it is a tactic from which you will never escape because you cannot quit aging.