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The right State of Mind..

Would be reflected by a majority of people not showing up for this voting charade.

As to your first off point. You're absolutely right that people who choose not to be complicit in the system of monetary fascism really do take responsibility, i.e. they demonstrate their own sovereignty (you somewhat contradict yourself by urging people to always vote, and then state that non-voters also take responsibility, but hey..). Secondly, these people are indeed very active in educating themselves and others, with help from wonderful like-minded scholars at the Ludwig von Mises Institute (and economist who hailed, like you, from Austria). Finally, people who do vote, matter in the sense that they willingly participate in a system of legalized plunder, via this great fiction called the State, by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everybody else. They subscribe to the welfare-warfare State, which is their choice and that's fine. But others should have the ability to opt out, and leave the debasement of the currency, the endless wars, and all the other games the coercive class plays upon the sheeple, way way behind them.

Kind regs from / Amsterdam (clip) /, Holland,