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Just because it's done at the state level

... doesn't mean it's good. It only means we're relieved that it wasn't done federally and made several times worse.

You said: "I believe that free markets can work only when we have an informed citizenry."

The problem is that too many so-called libertarians on the DP (and apparently even GJ, but not RP) believe that it is government's job to do the informing. And we all know what a great track record it has in education, and other regulation.

If there are laws which prevent companies from labeling their products as GMO-free, then they should be repealed. But let's not go overboard and demand that the government enforce a mandatory label. The court of public opinion and consumer choice will lead companies to label their products voluntarily.

If you believe the consumer has that power in all but this particular case, you have no business being a libertarian.