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Disagree totally

The only thing I see wrong about Gary Johnson's speaking is that he is passionate about what he is saying and actually believes it (which is the way it supposed to be) I think you are so conditioned at watching puppets on TV, you don't know what to make of it when you see a real human being speaking.

Yeah, maybe we should train him so he sounds more like Obama or Romney... maybe he can give real fake smiles, and have perfect voice inflection... then people would listen... forget about the content of what he is saying.

Personally, I loved it, him calling "Baloney" on Stein, who if she is a Dr., ANYONE could be a doctor. She is worse than Obama and Romney combined, but a perfect contrast for someone who knows what he is talking about.

"Hysterical, shrieking style"??? Have you not been paying attention to what is going on? I need a president that gets upset over what is going on... I don't think he was hysterical enough!