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And you are a cop out

I am a national delegate and though I did not go to Tampa because Romney won CA, so I am well aware and have had my own share of unfair, broken rules and attitude from my own GOP.

I believe I see way past the crap, because I see an opportunity with Romney as president to hold in accountable in our own party.. that's rEVOLutionary and like I hoped and worked to become a delegate, which is what got me into the GOP, I hope to become part of the small group of Ron Paul Republicans who materialize Ron Paul's message: Restore the Republic in my own party, the GOP.

I hope Romney wins and I look forward to exerzing the constitution and help Romney and the GOP find it's way home.

I hope Romney wins. I'm voting Romney. I'm not afraid of Romney.. and I'm not freaked out by broken bones or attitude.. I see how desperate they are to do that.. so.. Ron Paul is right on about the GOP and I have not lost trust that Ron Paul thought all this out very carefully.. it is for the bravest and strongest among us to fullfill. Thank you for your small participation in the Ron Paul rEVOLution, enjoy your Liberty Movement.