Comment: Conscience Unburdoned

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Conscience Unburdoned

At first I was really turned off by this article. When it settled in my mind, I found myself wanting to thank the OP.

When faced with "evil" of which "Satan" is the personification, what is the best course for me?

Would I fail to confront it with "goodness" just because my choice might not "seem" to be counted?

Would I be "tempted" to choose some mix of "goodness" and inherent "evil" hoping that "goodness" would win in the end? (ie the means justifies the end)

Would I choose to side with evil, patting myself on the back, for calling out the kettle as being black?

Or would I welcome the opportunity to write-in on a slip of paper or pull a switch in a rigged machine that allowed me to write in "goodness." Every time, I would choose "goodness." In the election season, I welcome the opportunity to "write-in" goodness although it may seem to bethe name is just that of a fellow human being. One who consistently stood for me on the side of reason, truth and goodness. I vote for his message.

I try to never go biblical on a non-spiritual thread; however, when the name of Satan is used, even in jest, I feel his opposite can be mentioned. In all religions there are references to "goodness vs. evil." Even in the best of humanistic writing, "goodness" is often invoked in very positive ways. So forgive me if I offend anyone, but from my personal background I justify my write-in with a few verses that are important to me when justifying the choice of "goodness"...Romans 8-35-39.

Thank you OP for the mental/spiritual exercise. In the end, I liked it!