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actually, why not start a

actually, why not start a Human Action reading group? That's what a lot of my friends did. They set a reasonable schedule (like 50-75 pages a week) that they'd all read on their own then they'd meet either in person at a cafe or via an e-mail chain and discuss it.

This has the dual role of helping people benefit from others (we all encounter things that are in our blind spots that a fresh set of eyes can pick up quickly - like how it's always easier to find great chess moves as a spectator just glancing at the board, but when youre the one playing you often overlook them.)

but almost as importantly, it created a (false) sense of urgency to read each section. when you just set a vague goal of "reading HA at some point" it can be harder to self-motivate than if you know you have to meet with your firends and discuss.

And actually, I bet if you asked around on here, you could find some DPers who would be interested in starting a "HA reading thread" where you all agree toa schedule and share insights via comments.

I'm holding off on reading Man Economy and State till I get some other books doen, but if you want to do a MES online DP reading group, I'd be down. (It's been strongly suggested to me to read HA first, then MES... it helps put a lot of Rothbard's writing in perspective etc. I wouldn't want to talk you into reading MES before finishing HA).