Comment: The LP is a Joke after Bob Barr

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The LP is a Joke after Bob Barr

It looks like the LP is dieing from within. The leadership is taking it down a path where there are no real Libertarians in charge. After Neocon Bob Barr was nominated it looks like the Libertarians are in a death spiral as a party. If they have to keep bringing in new people who "Just saw the light" then they have no future.

Follow Ron Pauls advice and take over the Republican Party. Are you a precinct committeeman? Have you helped others get into the positions that decides who the party bosses are?

Lets face it the Republican party bosses are scared of what they saw with Ron Paul supporters nominating liberty minded people to state and national chair positions. They were freaking out and derailing state conventions all over the nation to try and keep this from happening.

In four years will there been enough Liberty minded folks to make the movement more prominent? We are making real advances in changing things a little more in four years. Defecting to a dieing party is part of the problem not the answer.