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Good point

More over, he was not a good "debater" as much as just a "presenter" of the liberty position.

A good debater can anticipate the others ideas, handle them, counter them, and dispel them for the his OPPONENTS LISTENING audience. That is how one wins a debate.

Sadly it this way,.... half the viewing audience knows the Green Party side really well, and puts a check mark down when their candidate relays party viewpoint. The other half of the viewing listening audience knows the Libertarian Party side really well, and also puts a check mark down when their candidate conveys their viewpoint very well.

The "debate" begins when one or the other starts in on the ideas underpinning the others position. This basically did not happen.

And sadly, for this country, a REAL deep level debate needs to happen between the LP and the Greens.... We must win them over to our side, or, go over to theirs. Failure to win the argument means we get what we have today, a stagnate stalemate. A country without direction or an understanding as what to do to fix problems. The LP and the GP represent the polar extremes on some really keep issues. It is there that our debater for the LP must have as his/her goal to "win" over the other sides audience, point by point.

Take raising the minimum wage or take the raising of corp/individual taxes... that ground must be "won" by convincing the other's base that "wow, I did not know that before". And of course making the intellectual walk from being pro-min wage and pro-taxes back over to the LP side, -- easy on the EGO.

That is what debates are supposed to do. When you understand that, you understand that your job is to win the other guys supporters over to your side, not by telling them what they want to hear, but by getting their reasoning mind to follow your reasoning which leads one to be against min wage and against raising taxes.

I firmly believe that we must come together, the LP and GP. Those are the two intellectual motors which feed the giant heavily populated middle. And that giant middle takes its cues, its ideas and its understanding from the few intellectuals found inside the LP and GP. The way to get these two to come together is by having REAL DEBATES over fundamental ideas.

Fortunately for us, that is what we love --political ideas -- ...and its also what they love. Both of us are deeply passionate about them and can go on and on and on, for hours, days, weeks, or years.

SO... What we both need to do is stop listening to our own voices in the Liberty movement echo chamber and start handling the other sides ideas. That is, we need to have REAL debates and DEBATE OFTEN.


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