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I don't see what you did the same

I was open to going but I had conditions because I've never been there, it's a long way to go someplace alone that I don't know, no one is expecting me that I KNOW or have a contract with, so if something were to heppen to me.. what? My fault? OK So I had conditions and I could not find a female room mate who wanted to rent a car, and camp liberty closed.. I really wanted to stay there.. I would have enjoyed going, but to say it was to support delegates.. Ummm.. unless there was something I was personally doing for delegates, I don't see how it was supporting.. by being there.. to me, it's like people who go to disaster areas on their own looking to help the victims.. as if they don't need food, water, gas, a bed..

Work WITH you? What have you got to work with or on? What happens tomorrow for you? Will it make a difference who wins to you? I think not. But it does make a difference for me.. How can I work with someone calling me a Romney plant? What does that make you, and Obama plant?

For the next two years I will be working from a committee seat.. why don't you think about working WITH folks like me?