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Ample evidence?

I don't find a correlation based on a guess evidence at all. What's to say that they are both related to a third factor or even that some seemingly (now) unrelated factor isn't multiplied dramatically in its effect?

This is a very complex issue. Anyone who tries to show it in a simplified form is either lying or simple minded. Go try to automate a factory and see how even the most miniscule factors can have catastrophic effects when not counted for.

But my root question is "what are you guys fighting for? The oil companies?" You're laughing it up and having a great time making fun of those who are trying to get us off this freakin' oil monopoly (whether motivated by GW or $ or even by personal expense) and you're forgetting to look at the basic process. Big oil has a monopoly and they have you hooked on their product and as long as they can keep you off renewables, you will pay as much as they can get you to pay.

Is there a drive for some group(s) to implement a CO2 tax to control people? Sure. Is there a drive for other group(s) to keep burning oil, ng, coal to perpetuate profits forever? Sure. Is there natural causes affecting the global temperature trend? Sure. Is there man-made causes affecting that trend? That too.

The trick is to investigate how much overall effect each of those has on our decision to continue. In other words, weigh the benefits of a choice against its negatives. If possible, look for a choice that has no downsides and many upsides. If you should happen to find one, doesn't it make the rest of the discussion moot?

When you really investigate deeply into this, you'll find that that choice would be renewables. I'm not talking about the ones you see promoted on TV. Those are the ones that don't work, cost a ton and will guarantee the fossil fuel industry thrives. I'm talking about the ones that are struggling to keep control of their business because the only financing they can get (while keeping under the public radar) is mandating they give up control. So, between the patent expense and the finance expense, these are staying quiet for now. Just don't believe that they're out for good. A little public support would go a long way.