Comment: I voted for the best man for the job

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I voted for the best man for the job

And I have no regrets and a clean conscience.

And this is a reminder to everyone out there who thinks it is too dangerous to be "idealistic" and only vote for "pure" candidates: let me remind you the name of the website we are currently enjoying. Is there a daily Mitt? A Daily Johnson? A Daily Mitch McConnel? Ron Paul has awoken millions of people, and the reason we are having these conversations is not because Ron Paul got elected to a certain office or passed a certain bill. We are having this conversation because an old Dr. from Texas went to Washingotn DC and did the bravest thing a man can do: he told the truth.

There is only one r3volution, and it is the Ron Paul r3volution, and it is based on the truth, and not the man. Rand would do well to remember that his father achieved what he did through honesty and perseverance, not politicking and vote trading.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito