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Comment: Check calibration. See 30-06 Springfield History & Guide.

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Check calibration. See 30-06 Springfield History & Guide.

[Open hunting bag. Check calibration on 30 ought 6 Springfield]

30-06 Springfield History and General Information: The very popular 30-06 Springfield was created by the U.S. military and commissioned into use in 1906. The 30-06 springfield's official military name "Caliber.30, Model 1906, Mark 1".

Instantly the 30-06 cartridge was adopted into civilian use for sporting purposes and rapidly expanded into the world wide shooting community and in which it was accepted with open arms. The 30-06 is one of the most widely accepted cartridges in the world. The reason for such popularity is the availability of bullets which range in weight from 100 grains to 220 grains.

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