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Comment: Agree and disagree

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Agree and disagree

If Romney wins, the chances that we will ever be able to use the Republican party as a reform tool drop to nothing. Republican voters will realize that they don't need us to beat the democrats. That part I agree with.

However, I don't think the liberty movement is done if Romney wins. In some ways, it will work in our favor, as more people will realize the utter hopelessness of trying to change a country through the presidency or the congress. We'll adapt and start pouring our energy into different channels be they political (nullfication or secession on the state level) or not (agorism, nonviolent resistance). I happen to think these ways are more effective at making positive changes anyway.

We will get some extra resistance in the war of ideas if Romney wins, because he'll be portrayed as a complete free-market capitalist. We'll also have to deal with a trade war with China and probably a shooting war with Iran. But trust me, I'll still care about liberty just as much as I do now.