Comment: I disagree with the title of this topic, and here's why:

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I disagree with the title of this topic, and here's why:

Because the (international) Freedom Movement is precisely not about this or that political figure. That's futile.

Let me say something about the "Ron Paul Paradox", to illustrate my point.

Ron Paul has used political parties as vehicles for his message of Liberty. In that sense, party politics was secondary (or perhaps not even that) to RP's final goal. If the Democratic Party had been more suitable to spread the word, maybe he would have used the Dem-stage for the very same purpose. He used the political platform of the GOP for the ultimate goal of changing the system by educating the public. What has been the aim of this education? Political reform? Hardly. Targeting the monetary fascism lying at the heart of the welfare-warfare State, that has always been his ultimate goal.

From this it should be obvious that - at least from a R3V Paul perspective - "the system" in need of change never referred to the political theatre in the narrow sense. The target is the apparatus of the managerial State itself. A Romney win is a disaster, sure, as an Obama win would be. But that's secondary to the much wider agenda of a genuine Freedom Movement, which is way beyond mere politics.

Just my 2 eurocts, while they still carry some value ;-)

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