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The fundamental problem...

is believing that you can actually elect a libertarian as president, and compromising on principle in hopes of reaching a larger audience of voters.

The only use for the political process in libertarianism is as a platform with which to educate people about our philosophy.

Ron Paul understands this, our job is to educate.

This system is to fundamentally corrupt and inherently broken.

The only way to bring about real change is to reach the point at which we have enough people willing to withdraw from the system.

Mass individual secession is the only way out of this.

To reach this goal, we first have to educate people.

Politics is useful as a platform to teach with, but it is not in itself a solution.

We are not going to repeal leviathan through the legislative process.

If we are going to educate, then we need to make sure our message stays pure and we must not compromise.

We have had tremendous success so far, because we have had a messenger who does not compromise and does not water down our philosophy.

Whoever we pick to represent the message of liberty in front of a national audience, must be principled and uncompromising.

Ron Paul has been the perfect representative, but he is now retiring.

Whoever we pick to carry the torch next, must be at least as good or better (if that were possible).

We cannot go backwards, we cannot begin to compromise, we are making incredible strides toward a free society.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard